STEVE CANYON; for Jack Protey. Cartoon, Milt Caniff.
STEVE CANYON; for Jack Protey

STEVE CANYON; for Jack Protey

New York: By the Artist, May 5, 1952. Milton Caniff. original. 8 1/2" by 11" sheet with an original pen & ink with watercolor wash (black, beige, blue, & brown) of Milt Caniff's famous World War II aviator, pipe-smoking Steve Canyon. Presented by Milt Caniff to Jack Protay "with all good wishes," on May 5, 1952, from New York. Fine. Item #266

Milt Caniff (1907-1988) was a cartoonist most famous for "Terry and the Pirates" and the "Steve Canyon" series. The "Steve Canyon" comic strip was begun in 1947 after he terminated "Terry and the Pirates." The dynamic Canyon series continued until Caniff died in 1988. He won the Reuben Award for its excellence in 1971.

Steve Canyon was a vet who had been running his own air-transport operation, but out of patriotism re-enlisted in the Air Force to serve during the Korean War. He remained in the U.S. Air Force for the duration of the strip. Other notable characters who were associated with our hero were Copper Calhoon, an evil temptress; Happy Easter, his grouchy millionaire buddy; General Philerie (based on the war hero Phil Cochran), and others.

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