Terms of Sale


We prefer personal checks, money orders, bank or wire transfers.  Make such payable to "Borg Antiquarian."  Checks must clear before shipment.  Overseas' payments need to be discussed (see below).

We also accept Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.  

Institutions will be given special consideration for billing and shipment.  We encourage librarians and Special Collections authorities to contact us  at 847-309-9768.

If other arrangements are needed, or if you discover a problem with your purchases, please contact us immediately at 847-309-9768, or leave messages at 847-234-4736 & borgantiquarian.com

State Tax 

Sales made within the State of Illinois incur a tax charge of 6.25%. 


Shipping charges within the United States:      
      We normally ship books and similar-sized objects via USPS media mail. Shipping charges within the US are $4 for the first standard book or similar- sized item, and $1 for each additional similar item.  Estimate shipping costs at twice the standard charges for over-size or heavy volumes.  $10 will usually cover shipping for hefty octavos or quartos and $15 for folios.
      USPS Priority mail is sometimes advisable but also costs more.
      For bulkier packages, we will provide rates based upon whether clients prefer the USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, or other means of carriage.  We have found that the USPS rates tend to be lower and quite secure, so that tends to be our preferred carrier.
      We try to consolidate shipments whenever possible and don't add superfluous postage, insurance, or handling charges.
      We always carefully wrap using various protections such as padded book bags, wrapping paper, tissues, bubble wrap, styrofoam "peanuts," and/or reinforcing cardboard.  
      Items with values up to $600 (the maximum allowed by the USPS) will ALWAYS be insured for the available USPS rates or related rates by other shipping firms: typically for a few dollars more.  Estimate $5 for insurance on most volumes or items costing more than $100 and less than $600.
      When insurance above $600 becomes necessary, we will quote such rates based upon the carrier.  Sometimes this means that a carrier such as UPS will wrap and pack the item to obtain their appropriate level of insurance. We pass along such charges.
     Overseas Shipping will usually be via USPS, DHL, UPS, or another major carrier.  Insurance for the full value typically will be added.  We will contact you with charges prior to shipping your order for approval.

     Currently, we do NOT ship to Russia, Eastern Europe (e.g., Roumania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania), or--sadly--Greece--though exceptions may occasionally be possible.  


     We take Great Care in our descriptions.  We want our clients to be Completely Satisfied with their purchases. Accordingly, for sales within the United States, if there are any problems with your acquisition, you may return it within seven days of receipt. 

It is essential, however, to discuss matters before making any return.  Such shipments must be carefully packed, insured, and received by us without any damage.

Title for all items shipped remains with this firm until all payment and reimbursement issues are settled.

Clients are responsible for shipping charges and insurance on returned items for their invoiced price. Usually, we will make refunds upon receipt of returns in the manner by which the original payment was made. As a courtesy, if credits are left with us, we will provide Free Shipping on future purchases up to the previous order's shipping fees. 

Note that though we do not charge clients for using credit cards or PayPal on purchases, we will not absorb similar charges if an item is returned.

Please include a copy of your original receipt and copy of the Return Authorization with your return shipment and mail to:

Borg AntiquarianPMB #169
825 S. Waukegan Road, A8
Lake Forest, Illinois 60045